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Thanks to being sick and searching for a job I spent most of time indoors, even though I love being outside in the forest. Now that I'm on my way to being healthy again I thought it my be time to start this challenge. It's a big step for me showing parts of my body I'm not really comfortable with and find ugly. (Yes, even if it's only me feet.) One picture per day always on different ground. Starting June 1 til at least August 31.
That way my camera forces me to go outside again. Soak up the sun and the healing energy of the earth.
Anyone wanna join?
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Weeeell, I haven't posted for months, time for a little update.

Long story short: In two weeks I'm moving to Hamburg (in with my boyfriend) and hopefully get a job there. I'm opening a print store outside of dA to reach more people and have more variety in what I can sell. I also hope to open a "normal" shop with jewellery, paintings, ect. And hopefully everything before Midsummer. Aaand I also started a new project but this gets its own journal.
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I'm thinking of enabling some of the pictures as prints. Could you please tell me if you'd be interested and if yes, which ones you'd like to have as print?
Thank you :)
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who's working on a poetry book.
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I know I was pretty much invisible in the past weeks, but as Christmas break started I'm sure I'll be online way more often. I'll check out all your new stuff I missed in the past two months as well as reply to all comments and messages (sorry xyvette :tighthug:). Aaand maybe even upload some stuff ;) (same with proboards)
Missed ya all, can't wait to talk again :hug:
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I'm pretty sure you guys remember bleedthedream180 who deleted his account because of personal reasons. I'm actually pretty excited to announce that our fellow poet published his first poetry book! "Sanity's Requiem" is available for download on Amazon.

This is also meant as a "Thank you" for all your support in the past years.

Please spread the word so everyone gets the news!

Love ya all :hug:
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The day at the WSC was awesome. Wolves seem to have an amazing impact on me. I haven't felt that happy and relaxed for ages. Can I please marry one?
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I got more Birthday wishes on here than in "real" life. Thanks guys, you're really awesome. :tighthug:
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Finally made one for "Equality":…
This one goes especially to my best friend. I love you.
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Can't wait for Vienna Pride this weekend! Gotta be a lot of fun! xD
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I can't differentiate between truth and lies anymore. Don't know what's real and what's not. How can I trust people, even those I thought I knew?
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I know I started with the old poems, but this felt pretty urgent:…
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Took me ages to do, thanks to school and exams, but here ya go:…
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Looks like I'm able to write again. Too many feelings on paper, too few in my heart.
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There won't be any poems for the next few ...weeks, I guess, maybe months. I'm numb again. No pain, no tears anymore. Just being friends may work for him, but not for me. I'd have given everything just to be with him. Just for a couple of hours. To hold him, when he's sad or tired, to make him smile and to show him how beautiful the world can be. Damn distance. Fucks up everything.
I care more about him than about me, so if he's happy, it's good, no matter who he's with.  
Happy Easter, btw. And sorry, I just had to get this out of my head.
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I finally made a video for "Even in Death" too. Thanks to my Angel I got the ideas for it. I wish he was here with me. :heart:
The video:…
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Now I have the perfect syringe for my personal drug.  I got a pen that looks like a real syringe! :D Perfect for my daily injection.
God, why must writing be so addictive?
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I'm so busy with school that I'm barely on here anymore, so I missed a lot. Sry for not replying to all your nice comments, for not thanking you for all the favs and watches and llamas!! And I'm sry for all the birthdays I missed. Happy B-day afterwards. I hope I can use this weekend to catch up all your new stuff. *hopeful smile*
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I finally finished the video for "Summer Rain"!!! It took me so long to work on it during school and now it's done!
I'm so happy that I can upload something on my youtube-channel :D

If you're interested you can find the link to the video here:…   or in the description of my poem :)